The Beatnuts @ Chip Shop BXTN, London.

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The Beatnuts at Chip Shop BXTN on Thu 20th September 2018 Flyer

The Beatnuts

roomChip Shop BXTN eventThursday 20th September 2018

Beatnuts + Parallax & Kemetstry + Big Ted + 210. Hosted by Curoc.

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Mic Righteous at Chip Shop BXTN on Thursday 24th January 2019

Mic Righteous

roomChip Shop BXTN eventThursday 24th January 2019

Mic Reckless album listening party at the Chip Shop.




The Stevie Hyper D Pop-Up at Chip Shop BXTN on Sunday 3rd February 2019

The Stevie Hyper D Pop-Up

roomChip Shop BXTN eventSunday 3rd February 2019

Exclusive DJ & MC sets from Hyper D fam and UK legends.